Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition includes all Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition features, plus Oracle WebLogic Server clustering, Java SE Advanced and the WebLogic Software Kit for Oracle Database Appliance. Proven clustering technology enables scaling of applications with high availability. Java SE Advanced includes Java Mission Control and Java Flight Recorder for diagnosing problems in development and production. JMS clustering features such as Whole Server Migration and Automatic Service Migration support reliable enterprise messaging.

Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition includes Oracle TopLink, Oracle Application Development Framework, Oracle Web Tier and the core Oracle WebLogic Server. Full Java Enterprise Edition support is included along with development features such as Maven support, and IDE support from Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle NetBeans. Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition provides a reliable, manageable runtime platform with industry-leading performance.

Going beyond simple server consolidation, Oracle VM server virtualization is designed to enable rapid enterprise application deployment and simplify lifecycle management

Brings together an integrated solution that focuses on simplifying the building of a cloud foundation best suited for enterprise applications and databases.

Oracle provides the most comprehensive offering for business availability at all levels of the technology stack, from the physical environment to the virtualization layer to applications and management

Oracle VM application-driven architecture leverages Oracle VM Templates to simplify and speed up the deployment of enterprise applications